KalaTrade Services for Buyers

Stay Connected with Suppliers without Intermediaries

Get the best prices in the fastest time from reliable suppliers


Communication without Intermediaries with Suppliers

  • Access All Sellers contact information
  • Stay Connected to a Wide Range of Trusted Suppliers Directly
  • Intelligently Choose your Supplier

Search for Products and Sellers

  • Easily Search your Product
  • Easily Find the Suppliers of the Product You are Looking For
  • Compare Similar Products From Different Suppliers
  • Buy your Product

Buying Request

  • By Submit a Free Buying Request, Inform suppliers From your Latest Requirements
  • Your Buy request is Displayed to Trusted Suppliers
  • Get Sales Offers From Suppliers

Trade Alert

  • Get Notified About your Latest Business Events
  • Get the Latest Supplier Offers
  • Do Not Miss Big Sale opportunities
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